Different car insurance policies 

Different car insurance policies 

The insurance is taken by the car owners when they buy new or used cars. The insurance is taken for covering the cost of the damage that occurred due to natural disasters and damage done by humans. Most of the time the owners do not give much importance to the used cars in Yakima as they feel it is not required for the used cars. As per the government rules you need to have car insurance for used cars so for your benefit below are few different car insurance types.

  • Own damage: this type of car insurance covers all the damages which are caused due to theft, earthquake, and while in transit by any means of transport, fire, and many more. The insurance company will remunerate all the costs that occurred for the repair and replacement of parts. Few things are not covered in this policy as the cost of the injured person, simple wear and tear if the driving person does not have a valid license and any electrical breakdown.
  • Third-party insurance: The third party insurance is of two types the first one covers the cost of an injured person, disability, loss of wages, etc. The second type covers all the damage that occurred to the property that is the car.
  • Consumable cover: This type of policy covers the cost of entire items that are completely damaged which means cannot be used again.
  • Engine save cover: As the name suggests, it covers the engine parts. That means it includes all the expenses that happened to repair or replace all the parts related to the engine.
  • Key loss cover: This policy covers when the owner’s losses his car keys due to keys damage, loss in an accident, and theft. If there is any threat to the security of the car.
  • Roadside assistance cover: This type of insurance will cover the assistance you need when suddenly your car breakdown on the road. Some of the services they provide are repairing the car, it cannot be repaired then take it to the car service center and many more.


Hope this information will help you to decide what all type of coverage you need for your car.

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