Things that can lower your car’s resale value

Things that can lower your car’s resale value

If you intend to sell your car or trade it in when you purchase a new one, the resale value will play a significant role in how much money you can get for it. That being stated, keep in mind that the value of your car fluctuates and decreases from the time it is purchased. With each passing year, the depreciation will worsen. Over time, wear and tear on your vehicle will cause it to physically deteriorate. In summary, there are some major areas that are assessed as the main elements influencing the price of a used cars in tucson.

Factors Influencing Car Value

When establishing the price of a vehicle, four major factors are normally taken into account. As a result, changes, mileage, maintenance, and the overall condition of the vehicle.


A car with a high mileage appears less appealing than a car with a low mileage. It has a high mileage because it has been used extensively. Even if your car is in excellent condition, it may not have a high resale value if it has gone more than 200,000 kilometres.

Record of upkeep

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Cars are never simple to keep up with. It is recommended that you preserve your maintenance records and paperwork until the end. These records enable you to demonstrate that it has been serviced in accordance with the prescribed schedules, ensuring its proper upkeep. Your prospective buyer will undoubtedly want to investigate your vehicle’s service history.


If you want to increase the resale value of your used cars in tucson, you should usually think twice about your modifications. While many people do it as an extension of the car, it may have an impact on its resale value. Whether it is stickers or wraps, or a simple rim change, all of these things have an impact on the vehicle’s worth.

The car’s condition (interior & exterior)

Every scratch and ding on your vehicle gives potential purchasers more cause to cut the price by hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. This also applies to the interior and it may result in negotiating a lower price.

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