How do a movie and TV online streaming sites are changing the means of entertainment?

How do a movie and TV online streaming sites are changing the means of entertainment?

Statistics show that there is about six in ten young adults in the United States primarily streams television shows online, and the rise of online streaming services and online movie streaming sites has dramatically altered the media activities of Americans especially the younger generations.

Also, there is about six in ten of those ages are about 18 to 29 years or 61-percent says that their primary way of watching television now is through streaming sites on the internet, compared to the 31 percent who says that they mostly watch via a cable or via a satellite subscription while five percent who mainly watch with a digital antenna according to a survey last year.

Other age groups are also less likely to use the internet to stream their favorite shows and are much more likely to use cable television as its primary way to watch television shows.

Overall there is about sixty percent of the entire United States adults have said that cable connections are still their primary way of watching their favorite television shows while twenty-eight percent cites streaming services and only nine percent say that they still use digital antennas.

So, why are online streaming services for movies and television shows totally changed the face of the media industry? The answer is simple actually. People are now gaining more access to everything they want through the internet using their smartphones and their computers which are less available two decades ago when computers were only making its way to what it is today according to the

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This means that there is an innovation when it comes to accessing your favorite movies and television shows easier than before that you have to wait for days or even weeks for your missed episode to be aired again with your preferred cable subscription while if you missed to watch a movie at a theater, you have to wait for months before it is available at DVD’s and CD’s compared today where the latter is becoming obsolete because of downloadable contents of movies and series you can find online.

If you based it on viewership, those people who have college education are more likely than those with lesser education to watch television shows at online streaming sites and applications while roughly a third of college degree holders say that they mainly watch via streaming which is a bigger percentage compared to the 22 percent of those who have high school diploma or less.

This means that streaming movies and television shows online still have a cost just like buying tickets for a cinema and paying your monthly dues with your preferred cable or satellite television subscriptions.

Not only that everyone’s pathways to information and the means of entertainment are changing, but Americans are also interacting with media in whole new different ways today, sole because of what mobile connectivity and the internet have brought to us. Just take a look at adults who gets the news on mobile devices and more than half of it set up their devices by sending real-time alerts to check out the news and other activities.

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