Different views of people about tattooing

Different views of people about tattooing

For others, the discussion is a little more subtle. They don’t just need to stand out in a mob, but they like something that will live a manual manifestation of their quality . You get tattoos, in other words, to express something about yourself. Whether they’re quirky, naughty or intellectual, they want a tattoo to show that side of them 타투.

For others, the tattoo expresses a ” sense of rebellion “. Tattoos, despite being the norm today, have not yet been fully accepted, especially in some circles. Here the fragile, insecure person, who feels encircled, suffocated, expresses his rebellion by tattooing himself.

Finally, there is no shortage of people who get tattooed to cover aesthetic imperfections . Tattoos can be used by people who want to mask anything from stretch marks and scars to beauty marks or vitiligo. They will much prefer that.

In short, the tattoos were certainly not simple decorations engraved on the skin, but had a very specific social function and the first evidence dates back to the Neolithic period .

Over the years, indeed, over the centuries, the tattoo has undergone censorship , has had religious meanings and has even been adopted by the nobility . But we need to get to the 60s and 70s of the 1900s to start talking about tattoos as a fashion, a lifestyle, when the punk and biker cultures made it their symbol and allowed it to spread among young people.


Today, many celebrities , singers and sportsmen have made it their distinctive sign and each of them has indulged with the most original and colorful ones. Here is a roundup of images that you surely already know, given that when it comes to VIPs and tattoos, the news always circulates quickly (with social networks then everything is even more immediate!).

In short, today, tattooing is a way of expressing oneself , of saying something about oneself , and in many cases it is also something that makes people talk about themselves. There are those who do it to remember a person forever , a moment in their life or more simply to decorate a part of the body with a more or less large and colorful design. For pure aesthetics. A nice tweet or a nice photo on Instagram and that’s it.

Then there are also those with henna , of the Indian tradition: a dark paste that is used to make beautiful decorations on hands and feet and which by drying it gives these fabulous designs.

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