The sides are important too!

The sides are important too!

Are you in the construction field, and starting to build new complexes like churches, apartments, or any building and you need to find a material for the siding? Well one of the most commonly used are hardie boards. You maybe wondering what hardie boards are, well they are a special sliding material made out of cement fibers to make sit more durable. If you’re looking for hardie boards in Orlando, FL well there are plenty of places to look, but there are somethings you have to know before you want to install them.

Why are hardie boards good for siding?

            There are various types of siding like brick siding, stone siding, vinyl and stucco siding and much more. But overall hardie boards are beneficial because of its longevity, it is completely rot resistant, and can handle the salty sprays from the seaside. It also has a 50 year warranty. Furthermore it is storm and fire resistant, the cement boarding makes it almost impossible to destroy in a fire or extreme weather conditions. These boards can be used to mimic nay other type of siding like wood lap boards, wood shake siding and cedar shingles, so you can have the best of both worlds, and there is a wide array of colour choices.

Who can install it?

            Now siding is a bit difficult for you to do on your own, it is very labour intensive and time consuming. Plus you may not be well experienced to make it perfect, even if you do work in construction. There are specialist that install hardie board orlando fl, like Talco Construction. They specialize in commercial exterior services, both panels and siding solutions. You can also contact any contactor who is specialized in it in your area.

How expensive is it?

Building any complex is no easy task and requires a lot of finance so you’re bound to expect hardie boards to be expensive. Usually the siding runs up to about $0.70 to $5.25 per square foot. It depends on how much of it you are installing and the price of the boards. Plus you have to consider that the installation and labour costs, and the equipment used in the process as all of it will add up to the total cost. So overall it will run you about $4700 to $13300. You can always call up your contractor and get an estimation.

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