Three most common property damages pests can inflict

Three most common property damages pests can inflict

If you ask any pest exterminators, the worst infestations they have ever seen involved cockroaches according to their experience, however, every pest exterminator have their own nightmarish story to share when they are on their job cleaning places that are infested with these pests.

What makes them very concerned is not the disgusting feeling, smell, and their different phobias, but the extent of the damage pests can do to a property, not to mention the disease it carries that can surely harm you and your loved ones.

Pest infestations usually are not that particularly subtle, in fact, a lot of people discover they have pests after they discovered damage things and valuables or have even crossed paths with the pest themselves. However, not everyone is willing to deal with pests, and rather hire pest exterminators to get rid of it.

What makes it even more frustrating is that it is not that easy to tell if you have an infestation in your property considering that pests love to hide and breed in dark places. They do not want to meet you any more than you want to meet them except for the fact that they will chew, leave droppings, and most of all damage anything on its path, not to mention the sickness it brings.

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The damages in your property is very hard to see until it is completely significant, so here are the four subtle but very worrying damages pests can do to your property. For pest extermination contact the best Calgary Pest Control company.

  1. Pests make drafts- In order to make a way into your home, pests find or make a small access points near your doors, windows, or the foundations of your home to work their way in, and often they even work their way through insulation especially with your weather stripping. The access points do not disappear after they used it, instead, this also becomes an access point for other types of pests to enter your home. Drafts are the cause of indoor humidity which forces your HVAC to operate harder and makes your home uncomfortable and fixing these drafts are very expensive as well.
  2. Wood damage- Pests especially termites and carpenter ants can damage your wood furniture pieces, your house’s foundations, floorings, walls, and anything that has wood in it. Making it more difficult is that termites starts the damage within the wood structure, and you can only notice it until the damage has been very extent that it is beyond repairable. Termites and carpenter ants usually damage your wood furniture and structures in places where you would not see the damage unless you check it extensively as these insects continue to break the wood down, they also carve tunnels in it to further move and expand its damage and access new sources of wood. Termites and carpenter ants do not inflict the damage on wood overnight, however the damage that they can do is very concerning and most of all significant.
  3. Electrical damage- Rodents, in particular causes electrical damage as they chew on electrical wirings’ plastic cover exposing the chords that may cause any unwanted accidents such as fires. This is very dangerous especially if the chewed part of the wiring is left unnoticed and may cause electrocution to anyone who may have contact with it physically.

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