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Know More Of Who You Are With What Is My Sexuality Quiz

Know More Of Who You Are With What Is My Sexuality Quiz

In this era of self-care, self-love, and self-awareness, what stands to be the most essential part is to identify yourself to your utmost potential. Be it emotionally, your emotional strengths and weaknesses. Be it careeristically, your knowledge and expertise. Or be it your sexuality, your core identity! Remember how you get a separate column in all your essential documents about your sexuality? That is exactly how important it is, a different topic that you don’t get enough options there. The lack of options is the clearest indication of society on unconventional sexuality. But you need not follow their rules, you only need to know who you truly are, be true to yourself. You must carry on your hunt for sexuality no matter what. And on this noble venture, what will guide you is the “what is my sexuality quiz” that you will easily find on the internet. These quizzes are designed to be your companion on this journey of yours.

What purpose do these quizzes serve?

They believe in and promote the unconventional. When people talk about the acceptance of diverse sexuality and celebrate pride month, they barely talk about the insane diversity that the world of sexuality has. Most people with these rare sexualities will probably never even get to know what uniqueness god gifted them for this lifetime, and that is a shame. A shame to society for failing to provide that exposure and raise that awareness. And that’s what these quizzes are here for, to bring more people closer to their true identities.


Some rare sexualities that you probably never heard of yet exist

Just as it was stated above, there are several sexualities that people have barely heard of, yet prominently exist with their own glory, unrecognized and unnamed. Some of these can be-

  • Autosexuality is where an individual is attracted to himself or herself rather than anyone else. They find pleasure in their own bodies. It can be regarded as a form of narcissism.
  • Demisexuality, wherein, the sacredness of desire is solely linked to the hopelessness of romanticism. They don’t develop sexual desires for anyone, not until they actually fall in love with that person or establish a deep spiritual connection with them.
  • Grey romance, where it’s not about sexuality, rather the ignorance of an individual towards romanticism and love.

Hence, in this vast pool of endless fronds of sexuality, the only way of recognizing your deepest soul and desires is to take a “ What is my sexuality quiz” and let your concealed soul take a flight of empowerment and happiness.