An overview of RR  Donnelley virtual data room

An overview of RR  Donnelley virtual data room

As the technology is growing bigger and better and facilitate every field of life either it belongs to home appliances or business and offices, it creates a way to communicate and spread your business worldwide by sharing a common storage place on internet from where you can access and get all the information 24/7and these types of clouds are called virtual data room (VDRs) and today we will discuss RR Donnelley virtual data room, which gathers information regarding financial transaction with complete privacy.

RR Donnelley is a US-based multinational company builds in 1864 and it is one of the pioneer companies of VDRs. they have more than 68000 employees and their proficient clients include Microsoft, Paypal, Facebook, Starbucks, The Walt Disney Company, IBM, Barclay, JP Morgan and many more. They provide numerous industry solutions like

  • Bankruptcy
  • Due diligence
  • M&A solutions
  • IPO and exits
  • Documents repository
  • Fundraising and hedge funds
  • Debt financing and many more

Pronounced features of the Data room

Support and services

They don’t have any online help center but still, they have 24/7 customer support service on email and phone calls. For the instant look of the documents, they also developed mobile applications for their clients.


All the data is customized by the specific user interface which accessible by their APIs allot to them and which is followed by a double step procedure before opening, so the documents are end-to-end encrypted.

Tracking and monitoring

They have dedicated a project manager that’s why all the activity of the user is monitor by the administrator and they generate audit reports whenever a client demands that.


Association feature

They affix all the messages of users and notify you about new documents through emails. It owns a basic module for Q&A.

Searching documents

Information can be searched by its name and content and through optical character recognition (OCR), but this VDR doesn’t have any parameter for filtration.


RR Donnelley is easy to use as it is available in the multilingual interface, and a document can be viewed easily through the web-based excel spreadsheet and has bulk upload and printing options. No specific plug-in required accessing the required data.

Data hosting and its security

All the data is 99.99% guaranteed secure and they provide you data back up and scanned the data from viruses. The best thing about this data room is that it is authentic and certified by ISO, SCO, SSAE.

File protection and management

It has special software that prevents printing and copying from any vendor. The file has customized watermarks and has a specific expiry date. They are 256-bit encrypted. The data room can support all file formats and have an automatic index system.


RR Donnelley data room solves the problem of the language barrier between the clients from different regions and last but not least it handles the immersive data load of the business without the requirement of bound place to be placed.

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