How to choose the perfect mobile signal amplifier for me?

How to choose the perfect mobile signal amplifier for me?

So you’re tired of running out of coverage inside your home, in your business or your car … The excuses of your mobile operator no longer convince you, and you’ve decided to take the reins to solve the problem. At this time, the big question arises, what mobile signal amplifier do I have to buy? Let’s start by changing the question a bit: what mobile signal amplifier DO I NEED? The search for your new mobile signal amplifier must begin by determining two parameters: What mobile services are the ones you want to use, and can’t because of lack of coverage In what area do you need to have an amplified signal?

Do you want to avoid missed or low-quality calls? Also high-speed internet data?

If the use you give to your phone is exclusive as such, to make and receive calls, with a mobile signal amplifier that amplifies GSM you will have enough.

The GSM standard is one of the most veterans of mobile telephony, with more than 30 years behind it. The frequency that mobile operators use to transmit it is that of 900Mhz, especially in rural areas, where problems of lack of signal usually occur. In large urban centers, where the number of users of mobile networks is much higher, the frequency of 1800 MHz is also used to transmit GSM. So if your problem is only with voice service, a GSM mobile  phone booster for Colombia signal amplifier that works at the frequency used in your area, will be the best solution.signal booster


If you also use mobile data to connect to the Internet from your mobile devices, mobile operators currently offer two services for this: 3G and 4G. Both provide high-speed access, but in 4G the speeds reached are much higher.

In large cities, the frequency of 2100Mhz is often used to transmit 3G, and 2600Mhz to transmit 4G. If the problem of lack of mobile signal for data occurs in a town, the frequencies to be amplified are 900Mhz for 3G (yes, your operator may transmit GSM and 3G on the same frequency) and 800Mhz for 4G.

It is important to confirm what frequencies your operator uses in your area before buying anything. This article could help you know what frequencies your mobile operator uses in your area.

Finally, you can make sure using a multi-band mobile signal amplifier, which will amplify several services at the same time.

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